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Gina is a Registered Nurse, Artist and Therapeutic Art Coach. She was born in Sydney Australia but spent her childhood and young adult years in India and Singapore.  She came to Napa Valley, California in 1989 to attend college and received her degree in Nursing as well as taking classes towards a degree in Fine Art and Pre-Architecture.  After marrying she continued to work as a nurse and raise her two children living in California and Washington States.  Although a majority of her career was spent in the operating room, her first love has always been art.  In her younger years, art became a life line after experiencing early childhood trauma and continues to be a tool for healing and renewal as an adult. She also spent 5 years teaching fine art to grades 2-8 at Pine Hills Academy in Auburn California.  Gina has always found ways to be involved in her community through artistic expression through teaching fine art classes, coaching people to use art as a tool for healing, singing, storytelling, set design, sewing projects and volunteering at charitable auctions. Her role as Therapeutic Art Coach came to fruition through the combination of Gina's nursing education, her love for teaching art, and her personal experience with the healing work done in dealing with past traumas. 

Artist Statement 

This series of watercolor and ink abstract paintings of pearlescent flowers and flowing lines, represents the fluidity and movement of my soul through time and the constant presence of my Higher Power and Creator, flowing like a gentle breeze bringing fresh creativity and splashes of colorful vibrancy into my life.   These abstract pieces represent beauty rising from the dark places of my past. The hardships I have faced have turned into a collection of treasured pearls created over time, layer by beautiful layer over each traumatic event, erasing any ugliness that was once abuse. Each piece in this series of artwork mirrors the transition leading from victim to victor. 

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