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My love for drawing started in the 4th grade when a visiting artist came to our school and taught us how to draw. I had just come through a 2 year period of abuse and drawing became a lifeline for me; a way to cope.  I am a survivor of childhood trauma and abuse, anorexia in my teenage years, cancer, and abusive relationships. As a result I have done much work on discovering my part in allowing abusive situations to continue in my adult years.  As I have worked through these issues creating art and art journaling has been crucial in my transformational journey.  It is my desire to offer this same structure and relief I have found in creating to others by showing them how to use art as a way to gain awareness and process emotions.
There have been times in my life that I have questioned religion and struggled with understanding my place in a relationship with a loving God. The connection that I have experienced with God through accessing vulnerable places while creating, has been a large part of my healing.  Through artistic expression and spending time in nature I have been able to cultivate a place of peace and safety.  It is through my Therapeutic Art Coaching that I can share this with others who may also be struggling with their spiritual views.

 My desire to make creativity a daily part of my journey began in 2012.  I began painting pet portraits as a side business. I also had the amazing opportunity to teach fine art to Grades 2-8.  As I saw the impact that making art had on those young students, I began to see the benefits that being creative had on their mental health.  I now get to combine my Nursing degree with teaching art as a Therapeutic Art Coach.  Because of my background with abuse and the way art helped me, I'm excited to teach others those same creative skills while sharing my personal story of transformation from victim to living victoriously. I received
 my Professional Coaching for Life certification through UC Davis, and am a member of the International Coaching Federation.

I love to teach people to be creative and try new art materials and art styles. I have personally experienced the way art can calm and provide clarity, diminish anxiety and depression and boost self confidence. As a Therapeutic Art Coach I teach art journaling and painting techniques to individuals and groups. I primarily use watercolor, acrylic paints and mixed media collage when teaching.   

I live in Northern California with my two grown children, a sweet little adventurous bird and a rescued cat.  


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